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I am tired.

Not tired of life.

Not tired of the fight.

Not tired of the struggle or the everyday or the tides or the something.

Just tired.

Just exhausted.

And so I sleep and awaken a warrior.


25 thoughts on “Tired.”

  1. No there are not!
    I am a terrible sleeper so I therefore worship it!
    I also love your sidebar, I love otters. I do like Brussel sprouts. I eat Nutella from a jar, sometimes peanut butter 🙂
    And my edited About page was pretty much about filling up space lol.

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    1. I LOVE sleep but it does not love me.
      Lol you are the first to mention the side bar… of course, because the universe is strange, the first to mention it is a brussel sprout liker lol I think nutella from the jar has saved lives.

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      1. I have had this conversation with my roommate. We thought they probably had nice songs or crowed like roosters. I also have pondered that they may have had mating dances like modern day birds… which would have been awesome lol

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  2. Sometimes I lay in bed and my thoughts get the better of me. I’m like so not good and can’t sleep. I think I’m used to not sleeping because of months… years of not actually getting any real sleep. But I’m trying to get there.

    You’re still young and I know I said I would sleep but here I am like forking lunatic! I best be off. I’ll be a warrior one of these days. For now… I’m a melon princess with no melons but lots of zzz to catch up to.

    Hugs, lovely!

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    1. Lmfao you little cutie patootie!
      I know what you mean… I had to start meditating to be able to get to sleep. I would lie in bed, walk the halls, stare out a window into the darkness, write weird poetry… anything but get to sleep. And if I did get to sleep I would awake soon from nightmares.
      Sleep is so good when it’s good. Sweet dreams xxx

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