Hi! I’m Amberley.

So, below is my original “ABOUT” post. It isn’t a lie. but it isn’t what this blog has completely become either.

Some days I post short fiction. Some days I post a poem. Some days I post the weird art project I have been working on. Other days I just write about what has made me happy, sad or pissed off.

Join me, comment, have a real conversation. Or just stalk from the sidelines, I don’t mind.

Love to you all


I had a complete “Sea-change” and I have up-cycled my life.

Life gave me lemons and, by Odin’s son, I will make shitty art from those lemons. #fuckthelemonade

I swear. I write. I paint. I (kinda) sketch. But I am about to delve into the realms of art that I have not yet ventured.

Should be fun …