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edge stars twinkling

Piece by piece Across this inferno The depths of which seem too savage to cross The tumultuous waves and fire and ash from the mouths of this volcanic pit Soul searing Build a bridge to set you free One nail at a time Slaughter a forest of trees Carve them into sturdy planks Rope and… Continue reading edge stars twinkling

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what callous gave

You know it when it comes for you It starts slowly Not suffocating at first You feel it, thick Sticking to your skin Flooding over your body Before you have time to take a breath You are drowning Floating but unable to swim Sinking but unable to move Struggling but staying still You know it… Continue reading what callous gave

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Just call me a serial killer

Removing your skin like clothes, gently Tearing away Tearing apart your blood is my wine and I drink deeply Sinking my teeth into your still warm flesh Don't you worry I will have my fill of you You filling me The way to a man's heart is straight through his rib cage I have no… Continue reading Just call me a serial killer

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Not what I had scheduled for today

Today I have been alone But not lonely Real life is a fairytale We tell ourselves To distinguish everything else From the seperate lives we live Behind screens And in front of them I was gonna write about love But... maybe I shouldn't I was gonna write about warmth and other delicious treats But... maybe… Continue reading Not what I had scheduled for today

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strings of honey

Breathe you into me Like smoke I feel you inside Exhale And you disappear Addicted to your taste To the way you make my heart pound pounding the sweet pain of wanting is all I think of I still feel you coursing through my veins Do you have to be touched to feel something? Do… Continue reading strings of honey

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like cracks crumbling

Restraint Like chains Cold Rough like rope Hold me back Hold me down Wanting Like warmth Bright Soft like feathers Swallowing me Swallowing you Resolve Like cracks Crumbling Jagged like my broken pieces Spilling out And on to you

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stray cat chased

You were a light Until you took away your flame You were a smile Until you stopped laughing You were dreams Until you wouldn't wake up You were my trust Until you showed me your other face You were there... here... Until you weren't... Another stray cat chased from your yard... Another lesson for myself… Continue reading stray cat chased

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Shallow soil burn

Some people simply want to leave a mark in this world... even if it means hurting a living thing... carving your name into my skin claiming me for your own... I am the tree you are so quick to forget... my skin your canvas... did I not bleed enough for you? Where my roots not… Continue reading Shallow soil burn

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Cage bars broken

Take me by the hand *puts down bolt cutters* Quickly! Fly away with me I have one more post left fir this week's prompt ... I don't know if I can do it... even though I knew this was going to be a tough one for me, this has become more than about myself ...… Continue reading Cage bars broken

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get away, From it all get out, Of your mind run away, From responsibility run off, To a better place break out, Of those chains break free, Of the shackles that bind you get free, Of yourself break loose, From reality make a break for it, You can do it bolt, As fast as you… Continue reading drapetomania