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not a fish

In the forest, by the stream, is where I fell in love for the first time I hate the term "the one that got away" because a boy is not a fish   We spoke on phones with cords Respectively sitting by walls, wrapping spirals around our fingers I still remember his laughter in my… Continue reading not a fish

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pretty little horrors

I want you to know something. I need you to know something... My feelings towards you are so strong. I want you to know that I think about you... I think about doing things to you... to your body... Bad things... Naughty things... Sometimes... I think about killing you... murdering you... taking the life from… Continue reading pretty little horrors

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Dream logic rambles

Ramble time... We have all had those moments: We wake from some kick arse dream and say to ourselves “Self, that kick arse dream would make a kick arse book.” So, we write that shit down on anything we can find on our bedside table. In the morning, sometime in the waking moments after coffee… Continue reading Dream logic rambles

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dreams are the memories of our mind’s own making.

It all started on our wedding day. Ironic, huh? The day that is meant to be your most happy, or whatever but it is the day your mind decides to jump ship. Well, not your mind. My mind. She looked so beautiful. That white dress. I remembered her asking if I would mind, as if… Continue reading dreams are the memories of our mind’s own making.

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When it begins…

writings on love or relationships or fear or violence or wolves or fuckwits I dunno

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River cat

Once upon a time there was a... stray cat who hated humans Every day... she would watch the house cats across the river who would stay inside and not live their cat lives. One day... the stray cat fell into the river. Thinking her nine lives were up she accepted her fate of drowning, but… Continue reading River cat

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The spaces between

I just got off the phone to you and I already miss you. You looked so good, illuminated by the glow from the screen. It is unfair that I must get ready for work when you are just lying down in your bed for sleep. I got home from work and you said nothing to… Continue reading The spaces between

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HAHA I forgot to add a title… here’s one…

Sometimes I worry about this chosen career path I am walking. I worry because there are so many of us. So many aspiring to reach the same goal. Can we all possibly get there? Are there enough seats for all of us at this table? I guess it is more like a party than just… Continue reading HAHA I forgot to add a title… here’s one…