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Into The Raw

Hello! This is another challenge set forth by the great Chuck Wendig. Once again, my gorgeous Melon goddess tore apart herself with me... the idea behind this prompt was so simple... but goodness me it was difficult. Also once again... I have no idea what this is 🤣🤣🤣 it is obviously fictional and ... fantasy...… Continue reading Into The Raw

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insectile beauty devine

Sacrifice to you My heart taker Take me For I was made for you Your wine Your will I obey Your rules My seed Your need My head My gift Insectile beauty Devine lust The last thing I want to see is you -from all male praying mantises Love Amberley

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Summer shade

The cicadas are loud today Singing their merry creed to the summer heat Like lovers Summer and cicada Star crossed and long distance They use the only words they know how Trrrrrp trrrrrp trrrp the cicadas sing The summer heats up A southerly breeze blows And the cicadas sing The breeze coaxes leaves from the… Continue reading Summer shade

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the. project. Part 1.

Holy flaming fuck balls this is actually  happening. (Is "fuck balls" a hyphenate?) Okay... So... I have decided to go easy on myself for part one. I think in the wake of "the non-denominational, gift holiday, fancy pine tree, (& in Australia, xmas beetle) season" I must treat myself kindly and pick an easy topic and an easy time frame. The challenge will be...