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Can't we all just love I'm hating hate hatefully Don't be a fuckwit

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She carrys revenge on her shoulders Heavy as a winter's cloak Broad sword hangs by her side Her only friend Breath like blood and smoke Silence is her voice Eyes as bright and big as summer sunflowers Watching her enemies Her touch as soft as fur Or as sharp and cold as her steel friend… Continue reading Victorious

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But fuck that shit

I was gonna write another hate poem I was gonna write another "fuck you" poem I was gonna worry Steam and boil in my anxiety and hatred and fear of you I was gonna cry I was gonna crumble in on myself Take my insides and pour them out onto the paper Allow myself to… Continue reading But fuck that shit

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Channing Tatum is not you

I wish I could stop thinking about Channing Tatum I wish I could stop thinking about his strong arms around my body I wish I could stop thinking about Jared Leto I wish I could stop imagining him Behind me in bed Next to me as I write, hand on my knee I wish I… Continue reading Channing Tatum is not you