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flower, when plucked

Flowers need the Earth, the ground, to be flowers But the ground is still the ground without the flower The flower does remain the flower, when plucked. Once a pretty little thing to look upon, but soon wilting, dying. The ground doesn't need anything to be itself. It is always the ground. If someone asks… Continue reading flower, when plucked

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Quiet down there Cool wet carressing skin Keep moving forward Eating the flesh of others Blood and bone Frenzied feeding I jump out to kill But I want to fly Air on my skin, soft I have no arms so I can't cuddle Teeth too sharp to kiss I'd just eat you anyway Omnomnomnom Bahahahahaha… Continue reading Sharky


Not a motherfucking haiku

Loves the taste of honey Even though allergic to bees Asphyxia drowning Technically... it's not a haiku... lol I had one half of the poeminess (the nice half) represented in song form now there's a not-haiku representing the part that a lot of us seem to get stuck in. We get caught up with bad… Continue reading Not a motherfucking haiku

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pretty little horrors

I want you to know something. I need you to know something... My feelings towards you are so strong. I want you to know that I think about you... I think about doing things to you... to your body... Bad things... Naughty things... Sometimes... I think about killing you... murdering you... taking the life from… Continue reading pretty little horrors

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softness you feel

Walls high Surrounded I cannot see above them to know where I am going oh, how you’ve turned my world you precious thing Corners and corridors I follow your silken threads Darkness and light Shadows are where life dwells And I keep moving Towards arms Outstretched? Will they catch me when I fall? I am… Continue reading softness you feel

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“Take it, you fucking slut” *or* Why we like what we shouldn’t

Firstly, soz to any newcomers who are in some way offended by bad language or sex stuff. But I’d say, if you clicked on a link containing “fucking slut” in the title, then you knew what you were in for. For you regulars, you know me and my messiness so... the first novel I ever… Continue reading “Take it, you fucking slut” *or* Why we like what we shouldn’t

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midnight stars once

Autumn always happens too quickly It sneaks up on you That silent demise A promise of rebirth My soul is quieter Where once a bonfire burned Raging like witch hunt's fire There is now a new flame A deeper one Warm and cool Not burning but bright Leaves, where once green, start to turn at… Continue reading midnight stars once

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the words wild

words like clouds soft and dark gathering at the edges of my thoughts the ink pours from my veins like blood like rain like wine the love for this this beauty this beastie a wild animal which hates the leash for which I place around its neck the words wild on the blank page –… Continue reading the words wild

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best part even

Missing you Like the shadows miss the night I'm coming for you Hunting you Are you hunting me? Spiderwebs Like secret messages woven Dangling just out of reach Journeys are the best part Even if the destination is unknown You haunt me in the most delicious ways Future ghost Not Christmas but Halloween The patience… Continue reading best part even

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True – 5 loves

Feeding the hungry While you starve, yourself I have no business being here A strange land Language foreign No interpreter present Can you never eat But still exist? And at what point do your own food stores run out? Surely there is only so much you can give How do you know you like something… Continue reading True – 5 loves