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Trust is a tricky bitch

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about trust. How some give it freely. How others freely break it. How sometimes it can take years to build. And how it can take one action to demolish it. I don't really want to get into this too much. I have issues with, perhaps, trusting… Continue reading Trust is a tricky bitch

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Just call me a serial killer

Removing your skin like clothes, gently Tearing away Tearing apart your blood is my wine and I drink deeply Sinking my teeth into your still warm flesh Don't you worry I will have my fill of you You filling me The way to a man's heart is straight through his rib cage I have no… Continue reading Just call me a serial killer

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like cracks crumbling

Restraint Like chains Cold Rough like rope Hold me back Hold me down Wanting Like warmth Bright Soft like feathers Swallowing me Swallowing you Resolve Like cracks Crumbling Jagged like my broken pieces Spilling out And on to you

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stray cat chased

You were a light Until you took away your flame You were a smile Until you stopped laughing You were dreams Until you wouldn't wake up You were my trust Until you showed me your other face You were there... here... Until you weren't... Another stray cat chased from your yard... Another lesson for myself… Continue reading stray cat chased

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When it begins…

writings on love or relationships or fear or violence or wolves or fuckwits I dunno

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She carrys revenge on her shoulders Heavy as a winter's cloak Broad sword hangs by her side Her only friend Breath like blood and smoke Silence is her voice Eyes as bright and big as summer sunflowers Watching her enemies Her touch as soft as fur Or as sharp and cold as her steel friend… Continue reading Victorious

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Slow Motion Blissful

You came to me last night My lover In a dream I dreamt I felt Your warmth next to me We sat close but not touching Together but not speaking I look up at you and you cup my face in your palm I lean into your gentle hand You stare at me and I… Continue reading Slow Motion Blissful