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Tooth fairy update – the happily ever after

I just had to share this... If you didn't read the first post here it is. Some of us have shit parent/s. Goodness knows, I know this... my poor boys are cursed with a jerk for a sperm donor. But I have been blessed with two pretty awesome folks. So, in the aftermath of the… Continue reading Tooth fairy update – the happily ever after

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the tooth fairy and other beautiful lies

The past few days have been weird for me... who the fuck am I kidding, this entire year has been bananas. But with peeps in my life being sick, war time and my growing coffee addiction, sleep has been an untamable bitch. After a particularly long and trying day of life-ing, I get home and… Continue reading the tooth fairy and other beautiful lies

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Rando post *or* past lives literal

This week I had a strange discussion with a dear friend... I have a... mild obsession with all things fae. Which also includes Celtic... things... (for a writer I am not feeling very articulate this morning... I'll blame the lack of coffee) I have had a strange connection to and this pull to "go back… Continue reading Rando post *or* past lives literal

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Into The Raw

Hello! This is another challenge set forth by the great Chuck Wendig. Once again, my gorgeous Melon goddess tore apart herself with me... the idea behind this prompt was so simple... but goodness me it was difficult. Also once again... I have no idea what this is 🤣🤣🤣 it is obviously fictional and ... fantasy...… Continue reading Into The Raw

Soulmates - not exactly a love story

Soulmates – not exactly a love story

She jumped into the passenger seat, never looking away from his dark eyes. She might have to keep them. She had a jar that would suit them perfectly.