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across grassy lawns

I walk a path of most resistance Side walk, pavement, footpath, dark and dingy alleyway Trailing, meandering toward my destination But I can't seem to stop stopping along the way I sit and have a coffee in the gutter I wander into someone's yard to lend a hand I set fires and kiss hands and… Continue reading across grassy lawns

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bonds positively charged

Feeling rain on my skin As if for the first time Droplets cool as snowflakes Divine scents of earth and ozone and decay The rain trickling down my windscreen no longer looks like tears Water molecules cling to each other Cohesion Hydrogen bonds Positively charged Rivulets seem random But there is always a reason Always… Continue reading bonds positively charged

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I found myself chatting with a friend one night... awhile ago. I actually can't remember when this was and when I decided to do this post but it wasn't recent. But we were discussing where we lived. And, like the stalker I am, I totally Google Mapped to see where said friend lived. But what… Continue reading beauty?

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Red wine knights and bread crumbs sprinkled

Today I went on a tour of Tamburlaine wines in the Hunter Valley. I have ended up here by complete chance. The trip was won by someone who then could not go so they graciously gave the holiday to myself. The tour was part of the deal and we were meant to go yesterday but,… Continue reading Red wine knights and bread crumbs sprinkled

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It happened to me and I allowed it to…

Something shifted in me today And I think it is because of you And you And you And you I wrote something today which has never come easy (The thing, not the writing although that is never easy either.) And I didn't know I had done it Until it was done Love I wrote love… Continue reading It happened to me and I allowed it to…

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I made it… now for round 2

This was the song I would listen to any time I felt that everything was getting too much... I would put it on and sing... scream... it was a mantra. And I made it... but this year, I think I'll be keeping the same mantra. Cause nothing can fucking stop me... I will not rest...… Continue reading I made it… now for round 2