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Just call me a serial killer

Removing your skin like clothes, gently Tearing away Tearing apart your blood is my wine and I drink deeply Sinking my teeth into your still warm flesh Don't you worry I will have my fill of you You filling me The way to a man's heart is straight through his rib cage I have no… Continue reading Just call me a serial killer

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like cracks crumbling

Restraint Like chains Cold Rough like rope Hold me back Hold me down Wanting Like warmth Bright Soft like feathers Swallowing me Swallowing you Resolve Like cracks Crumbling Jagged like my broken pieces Spilling out And on to you

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Sologamy: ultimate self loving

Sologamy is the practice of being on one's own. To be alone but not lonely. Of being unapologetically and happily single AF. I first came into contact well before I entered a state of sologamy myself. I can't even remember who I heard it from but the idea has stuck. If you don't I already… Continue reading Sologamy: ultimate self loving

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Hold on

It is raining I sit under an old tin roof and stare out into the clouds I am up high The air is sweet with the rain's fragrance Woodsmoke is in the background and it has been a good day A change is in the air The universe is waiting to exhale The pause in… Continue reading Hold on

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Let’s play a game

I'm gonna just hit my predictive text until it starts repeting itself... please do the same in the comments... Should be fun? I'm so glad you are moving forward with my love and positivity of it was really searching for something to pick on my phone from the dumpster rental company is a cunt nugget… Continue reading Let’s play a game

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Breakfast smoothie

In my search for myself, I am also trying to get back to my healthy former self. Not just healthy mentally and emotionally but physically. My physical health really took a dive about 6 years ago. I'd had three miscarriage (thank you, uterus.) In a row and basically the rest of my life went really… Continue reading Breakfast smoothie

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Forced to think of things *or* picking a scab so the wound heals

Waiting at the psychologist's office This is not because of you You are not that important I'm here for me For my health Because I am important (PS obviously this isn't aimed at you... this is aimed at goat dragon... you are super important, peep reading this. Look after your mental health. We only get… Continue reading Forced to think of things *or* picking a scab so the wound heals

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It happened to me and I allowed it to…

Something shifted in me today And I think it is because of you And you And you And you I wrote something today which has never come easy (The thing, not the writing although that is never easy either.) And I didn't know I had done it Until it was done Love I wrote love… Continue reading It happened to me and I allowed it to…

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Hour glass fragile

Strings pulled tight, tighter Waist cinched Now but a handful My hourglass has just been flipped My timepiece body is wrapped and ready But make no mistake Lover Although I may be wrapped up, like a present, bows neatly fluttering down my spine I do not wear this for you