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Not honey

The air was golden You know That summer hue Rippling reflections shimmering Water's surface unsteady and uncertain It was hot That sort of hot Syringe suction sucking the sweat from your body Like a blanket you cannot get out from under I sat in the shade Tshirt board shorts You jumped into the pool One… Continue reading Not honey

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Not what I had scheduled for today

Today I have been alone But not lonely Real life is a fairytale We tell ourselves To distinguish everything else From the seperate lives we live Behind screens And in front of them I was gonna write about love But... maybe I shouldn't I was gonna write about warmth and other delicious treats But... maybe… Continue reading Not what I had scheduled for today

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I woke up with a song in my head

Do you ever do that? Just wake up singing? Maybe it means something... Normally, it just means you like that song... "In The Arms Of Sleep" Sleep will not come to this tired body now Peace will not come to this lonely heart There are some things I'll live without But I want you to… Continue reading I woke up with a song in my head

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dreams are the memories of our mind’s own making.

It all started on our wedding day. Ironic, huh? The day that is meant to be your most happy, or whatever but it is the day your mind decides to jump ship. Well, not your mind. My mind. She looked so beautiful. That white dress. I remembered her asking if I would mind, as if… Continue reading dreams are the memories of our mind’s own making.

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like cracks crumbling

Restraint Like chains Cold Rough like rope Hold me back Hold me down Wanting Like warmth Bright Soft like feathers Swallowing me Swallowing you Resolve Like cracks Crumbling Jagged like my broken pieces Spilling out And on to you

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River cat

Once upon a time there was a... stray cat who hated humans Every day... she would watch the house cats across the river who would stay inside and not live their cat lives. One day... the stray cat fell into the river. Thinking her nine lives were up she accepted her fate of drowning, but… Continue reading River cat

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get away, From it all get out, Of your mind run away, From responsibility run off, To a better place break out, Of those chains break free, Of the shackles that bind you get free, Of yourself break loose, From reality make a break for it, You can do it bolt, As fast as you… Continue reading drapetomania

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Fluid pouring liquid blue

I'm writing this while standing in a public bathroom, waiting for my child to finish pooping, while our psychologist waits upstairs for us both... #mumlife #livingthedream So, here is the run down... I painted the fuck over last week's shit fest... yeah, yeah I know... there will be no Nyan cat this week. I used… Continue reading Fluid pouring liquid blue

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Nameless stranger perhaps

Ghost hands on my back I feel you near me Eyes open But I do not see what is in front of me I see your face Even though I do not know what you look like I feel your touch Even though I have never seen your hands I want your body Even though… Continue reading Nameless stranger perhaps