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strings of honey

Breathe you into me Like smoke I feel you inside Exhale And you disappear Addicted to your taste To the way you make my heart pound pounding the sweet pain of wanting is all I think of I still feel you coursing through my veins Do you have to be touched to feel something? Do… Continue reading strings of honey

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I woke up with a song in my head

Do you ever do that? Just wake up singing? Maybe it means something... Normally, it just means you like that song... "In The Arms Of Sleep" Sleep will not come to this tired body now Peace will not come to this lonely heart There are some things I'll live without But I want you to… Continue reading I woke up with a song in my head

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Cage bars broken

Take me by the hand *puts down bolt cutters* Quickly! Fly away with me I have one more post left fir this week's prompt ... I don't know if I can do it... even though I knew this was going to be a tough one for me, this has become more than about myself ...… Continue reading Cage bars broken

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Anchors away!

I was going to do a watercolour for this week but I decided to go with some digital art instead. I used a great free phone app called Snapseed. If you like phone photography and you don't have Snapseed, you are doing yourself an injustice. The othe resource I used was pixabay. I used so… Continue reading Anchors away!

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Love weighing you down

I was going to do some research and throw some statistics or studies at you from across the blogosphere, but I decided to take a more loving approach... Love... love is like an octopus... nope, I have already used that one. Love is tricky AF. I have been a little bit of a love cynic… Continue reading Love weighing you down

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When it begins…

writings on love or relationships or fear or violence or wolves or fuckwits I dunno

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The spaces between

I just got off the phone to you and I already miss you. You looked so good, illuminated by the glow from the screen. It is unfair that I must get ready for work when you are just lying down in your bed for sleep. I got home from work and you said nothing to… Continue reading The spaces between

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Sologamy: ultimate self loving

Sologamy is the practice of being on one's own. To be alone but not lonely. Of being unapologetically and happily single AF. I first came into contact well before I entered a state of sologamy myself. I can't even remember who I heard it from but the idea has stuck. If you don't I already… Continue reading Sologamy: ultimate self loving

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But first

this is the sort of thing I write when I don't know what to write... #selflove #loveeveryone