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what callous gave

You know it when it comes for you It starts slowly Not suffocating at first You feel it, thick Sticking to your skin Flooding over your body Before you have time to take a breath You are drowning Floating but unable to swim Sinking but unable to move Struggling but staying still You know it… Continue reading what callous gave

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lid tight no air

The battle lines are drawn words pressed into the shapes of swords skin pulls, fingers hold tight I do not tremble Yes once I may have but that was not me that was your sword your words trying to break me I am not that girl anymore for I have had enough time enough time… Continue reading lid tight no air

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Forced to think of things *or* picking a scab so the wound heals

Waiting at the psychologist's office This is not because of you You are not that important I'm here for me For my health Because I am important (PS obviously this isn't aimed at you... this is aimed at goat dragon... you are super important, peep reading this. Look after your mental health. We only get… Continue reading Forced to think of things *or* picking a scab so the wound heals

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But fuck that shit

I was gonna write another hate poem I was gonna write another "fuck you" poem I was gonna worry Steam and boil in my anxiety and hatred and fear of you I was gonna cry I was gonna crumble in on myself Take my insides and pour them out onto the paper Allow myself to… Continue reading But fuck that shit