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flower, when plucked

Flowers need the Earth, the ground, to be flowers But the ground is still the ground without the flower The flower does remain the flower, when plucked. Once a pretty little thing to look upon, but soon wilting, dying. The ground doesn't need anything to be itself. It is always the ground. If someone asks… Continue reading flower, when plucked

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yours, my hell

I live exist in the house of nightmares Reliving little horrors skin re-torn bruises re-blackened I walk through the hall of mirrors but the reflections are all different Me the way you saw me hideous, repulsive Me with you at my back knife at my throat My eyes are not my eyes They are yours,… Continue reading yours, my hell

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fight in silence

We fight in silence we battle with words using punctuation to scream using structure and verse to cut deep into each others flesh this is the new but the fight is still the same We love too much to love And hate ourselves too much to change this is the new but the fight is… Continue reading fight in silence

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away run run

Looking back on life What did you think would happen? Scarification ... Intimidation Only so much I could take Run away run run ... I am battle strong What did you think would happen? Ramifications ... New life waits for me I no longer feel you here Serendipity ... That last line was going to… Continue reading away run run

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Ugly – 5 loves

So, I'm having a shit week... these are all scheduled posts. I may be around to comment, I may not... we will see. My dear friend, Wardy Muffins, suggested I do free verse healing or love or bacon or something else... I chose love cause I already had things to fit that slot. I will… Continue reading Ugly – 5 loves

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Truth’s Big Sister

I watch from on high Staring down observing what I have built so far Maybe it is not quite a town not quite a home Not quite a life but I am getting close Battle lines still encroach My axe is heavy in my hands Blood still drying on my skin No clear winner But… Continue reading Truth’s Big Sister

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what callous gave

You know it when it comes for you It starts slowly Not suffocating at first You feel it, thick Sticking to your skin Flooding over your body Before you have time to take a breath You are drowning Floating but unable to swim Sinking but unable to move Struggling but staying still You know it… Continue reading what callous gave

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lid tight no air

The battle lines are drawn words pressed into the shapes of swords skin pulls, fingers hold tight I do not tremble Yes once I may have but that was not me that was your sword your words trying to break me I am not that girl anymore for I have had enough time enough time… Continue reading lid tight no air