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the. project. Prompt 3

Yay! I actually completed a week's worth of the last prompt so let's go again! So I held a Twitter and Instagram pole to get votes for this week... I also received some votes on the blog. I got mixed results lol Plus I got two votes for Dick Tentacles on the blogitty blog. So...… Continue reading the. project. Prompt 3

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But first

this is the sort of thing I write when I don't know what to write... #selflove #loveeveryone

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If I had a tramp stamp…

I envy those women You know... "Those" women The ones who can go out A night on the town Sparkling stars like smiles Skyscraper heels and dresses like an old age pension -barely there and basically useless... Treating their bodies more like night clubs than temples Mindful pleasure In the moment Meet a man Man… Continue reading If I had a tramp stamp…

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lid tight no air

The battle lines are drawn words pressed into the shapes of swords skin pulls, fingers hold tight I do not tremble Yes once I may have but that was not me that was your sword your words trying to break me I am not that girl anymore for I have had enough time enough time… Continue reading lid tight no air