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Not what I had scheduled for today

Today I have been alone But not lonely Real life is a fairytale We tell ourselves To distinguish everything else From the seperate lives we live Behind screens And in front of them I was gonna write about love But... maybe I shouldn't I was gonna write about warmth and other delicious treats But... maybe… Continue reading Not what I had scheduled for today

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Hold on

It is raining I sit under an old tin roof and stare out into the clouds I am up high The air is sweet with the rain's fragrance Woodsmoke is in the background and it has been a good day A change is in the air The universe is waiting to exhale The pause in… Continue reading Hold on

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Rain, rain

Last night, I stood put in the rain for a little while. Just feeling the cool droplets land, runing down my skin, their shimmering bodies falling through the fading light... and I became suddenly so happy. So happy to be alive. So happy I made it out. So happy to have good friends in my… Continue reading Rain, rain

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The Floating Room

This is for the Chuck Wendig's Fiction Challenge. This week, we had to Google image search "strange photos" and then pick one. Because I am chicken, I convinced my sister - Mel GutiĆ©r, the princess of Melons -to do this with me. Please go check out her story too. This isn't my normal sort of… Continue reading The Floating Room

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Time passes us by. It doesn't stop. Even as you read these words, the sand from your body's hour glass continues to fall. And we only have so many grains. We spend our lives going places. Going to work. Going home. Going crazy. But how much time do we spend doing? Doing something fun. Doing… Continue reading YOLO

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It happened to me and I allowed it to…

Something shifted in me today And I think it is because of you And you And you And you I wrote something today which has never come easy (The thing, not the writing although that is never easy either.) And I didn't know I had done it Until it was done Love I wrote love… Continue reading It happened to me and I allowed it to…

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insectile beauty devine

Sacrifice to you My heart taker Take me For I was made for you Your wine Your will I obey Your rules My seed Your need My head My gift Insectile beauty Devine lust The last thing I want to see is you -from all male praying mantises Love Amberley

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Lights out

My heart jumps Windchimes A breathless night I look out into the abyss I wish I saw nothing But my eyes They trick and dance My brain Warps the shadows Making shapes where there are none There are none Nothing It's nothing Someone please tell me it's nothing My mind does not shut up Someone… Continue reading Lights out

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Feeling blue, like the cheese

I have a friend Her name is Brie For years it's been Just her and me We'd take on the world One day at a time I love her so much She makes me rhyme And you guys know how much I don't do the rhyming thing... But seriously... In the upheaval of my current… Continue reading Feeling blue, like the cheese

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Not poetry…

I like to dance. I have two main styles of dancing that I practice on a regular basis: Pole and Badly I dance the same way whether people are watching or not. I dance in the kitchen, with headphones on while cooking or doing the dishes. I dance in the super market, pushing a trolley… Continue reading Not poetry…