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But first

this is the sort of thing I write when I don't know what to write... #selflove #loveeveryone

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FAQ Warrior Goddess Queen

I get hundreds of emails every day asking questions to do with #warriorgoddessqueen (or none, ever, but whatevs) So, I thought I would answer some of the more common/never asked questions I get. Amberley, what IS a Warrior Goddess Queen? This is a tricky question to answer. Because there is no real stereotype of a… Continue reading FAQ Warrior Goddess Queen

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Unicorns and Candy Guns

This is another challenge set forth by the great Chuck Wendig. Once again, my gorgeous Melon goddess did this with me too. I know she will post hers soon. We are both running late, as per usual. Go check hers out. If she hasn't posted it yet, just go read something else on her blog.… Continue reading Unicorns and Candy Guns

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But fuck that shit

I was gonna write another hate poem I was gonna write another "fuck you" poem I was gonna worry Steam and boil in my anxiety and hatred and fear of you I was gonna cry I was gonna crumble in on myself Take my insides and pour them out onto the paper Allow myself to… Continue reading But fuck that shit

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The Floating Room

This is for the Chuck Wendig's Fiction Challenge. This week, we had to Google image search "strange photos" and then pick one. Because I am chicken, I convinced my sister - Mel GutiĆ©r, the princess of Melons -to do this with me. Please go check out her story too. This isn't my normal sort of… Continue reading The Floating Room

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Slow Motion Blissful

You came to me last night My lover In a dream I dreamt I felt Your warmth next to me We sat close but not touching Together but not speaking I look up at you and you cup my face in your palm I lean into your gentle hand You stare at me and I… Continue reading Slow Motion Blissful

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Would you…

If you loved me, what would you say? Would you tell me I am your sun Shining warmth glowing thriving Your moon Glimmer shimmering darkness devine Your star-lit sky Blanketing guiding glitter of the gods If you loved me, what would you write? Poetry of rhymes rhythm riddling Songs and music Powerful moving Move me… Continue reading Would you…

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Channing Tatum is not you

I wish I could stop thinking about Channing Tatum I wish I could stop thinking about his strong arms around my body I wish I could stop thinking about Jared Leto I wish I could stop imagining him Behind me in bed Next to me as I write, hand on my knee I wish I… Continue reading Channing Tatum is not you