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the. project. Prompt 3

Yay! I actually completed a week's worth of the last prompt so let's go again! So I held a Twitter and Instagram pole to get votes for this week... I also received some votes on the blog. I got mixed results lol Plus I got two votes for Dick Tentacles on the blogitty blog. So...… Continue reading the. project. Prompt 3

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Shitty Tools – turning Astronaut poop into useful things

On my search for space news for my non-fiction piece this week, I could not pass up the opportunity to learn more about this. The university of Calgary is currently developing an awesome technique that turns shit into plastic. Yep. You heard me. Feces into polyhydroxybutyrate, if you wanna get all sciencey. The technique involves… Continue reading Shitty Tools – turning Astronaut poop into useful things

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Does art have to say something?

As I return to my pour table this week after our many travels, I have found myself asking myself "but what does this piece say?" My art normally says nothing unless my medium is words, because I choose not to use living subjects. But this is of course not what I fucking mean, is it? What I mean is "what am I trying to say?"

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the. project. Part 1.

Holy flaming fuck balls this is actually  happening. (Is "fuck balls" a hyphenate?) Okay... So... I have decided to go easy on myself for part one. I think in the wake of "the non-denominational, gift holiday, fancy pine tree, (& in Australia, xmas beetle) season" I must treat myself kindly and pick an easy topic and an easy time frame. The challenge will be...

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the. project.

The beginning is always the scariest part. That blank page, that dry canvas, that lump of un-moulded clay, they just sit there and stare up at you as if to say, "well ... What you gonna do?"  That is this blog, right now.  So, this is the project. A blog to help heal. A blog to help me find myself. A blog to bare my soul. And why a blog? Because, dear reader, hopefully you (or at least some of you) will decided to join me on this quest.