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away run run

Looking back on life What did you think would happen? Scarification ... Intimidation Only so much I could take Run away run run ... I am battle strong What did you think would happen? Ramifications ... New life waits for me I no longer feel you here Serendipity ... That last line was going to… Continue reading away run run

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Truth’s Big Sister

I watch from on high Staring down observing what I have built so far Maybe it is not quite a town not quite a home Not quite a life but I am getting close Battle lines still encroach My axe is heavy in my hands Blood still drying on my skin No clear winner But… Continue reading Truth’s Big Sister

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FAQ Warrior Goddess Queen

I get hundreds of emails every day asking questions to do with #warriorgoddessqueen (or none, ever, but whatevs) So, I thought I would answer some of the more common/never asked questions I get. Amberley, what IS a Warrior Goddess Queen? This is a tricky question to answer. Because there is no real stereotype of a… Continue reading FAQ Warrior Goddess Queen

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She carrys revenge on her shoulders Heavy as a winter's cloak Broad sword hangs by her side Her only friend Breath like blood and smoke Silence is her voice Eyes as bright and big as summer sunflowers Watching her enemies Her touch as soft as fur Or as sharp and cold as her steel friend… Continue reading Victorious

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Warrior Goddess Queen

Can we please just take a moment to worship this woman... I have been on an Amanda Palmer kick today... just loving her soooo much right now. I even told a friend I would like to be her when I grew up. Fuck knows when that day will come... But just look at this photograph.… Continue reading Warrior Goddess Queen

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Do more than survive

I love Amanda "fucking" Palmer. I love The Dresden Dolls. This is another song my neighbours are forced to hear me scream at dinner time. I liked it before but I like it more so now. So you don't wanna hear about my good song? You don't wanna hear about how I am getting on… Continue reading Do more than survive

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the heart of a monster – part 3

My teeth were coming out to play like kids smelling what mummy is cooking in the kitchen. Running my tongue along their smooth surface, feeling their sharp-eagerness, I allowed him to lead me away into the night. "Don't worry, I know a short cut," he said as if I had asked. A light rain had… Continue reading the heart of a monster – part 3

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Not poetry…

I like to dance. I have two main styles of dancing that I practice on a regular basis: Pole and Badly I dance the same way whether people are watching or not. I dance in the kitchen, with headphones on while cooking or doing the dishes. I dance in the super market, pushing a trolley… Continue reading Not poetry…