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Does art have to say something?

As I return to my pour table this week after our many travels, I have found myself asking myself “but what does this piece say?”

My art normally says nothing unless my medium is words, because I choose not to use living subjects. But this is of course not what I fucking mean, is it? What I mean is “what am I trying to say?”

And what is my answer? I dunno, Amberley, what the fuck do you want to say?

I think, most of the time, my art doesn’t say anything. Sometimes, you can see the emotions I was feeling when I made the piece. Sometimes, it is a reflection of my personality. Sometimes, I just liked the way those colours went together or they were the only colours I had.

I think the same can be said for writing too. Sometimes we write something because we want to say something else. Sometimes we directly write about a subject so bluntly it is like getting smacked in the face with a giant dildo. Sometimes, we don’t want to say anything. We just feel like writing an entertaining blood-fest starring jungle pirates and cowboy faeries.

Does it make our work any less valid?

Does it change peoples perception of our work?

And does it even fucking matter what the author/artist wanted to say?

I did a painting a couple of months ago. I completely abstract one. I just liked the colours.

Someone really liked it and wanted it. But they liked it cause they saw a frog in it. I couldn’t see the frog. But they could. I didn’t paint a frog. But they saw one.

So, do we really need to be saying something or expressing something if others will only interpret it their own way anyway? Or is this the point? The sharing. The differnt views.

I dunno.



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The futility of saving dying things

When on holidays, I was at a beach where hundreds of these big guys were washing up in the surf, still singing, salt caking their tracheae. the sea gulls were having a feast.

I picked up a few, figuring they were all going to die soon anyway. But if I had to choose dying in the shade of a tree or dying on burning sand, drowning or being eaten alive slowly then I know which one I would choose.

I couldn’t “save” a lot. Peiple looked at me very strangely too, walking back and forth from the surf to the trees, in a dress not suitable for the beach, carrying the giant bugs as carefully as if they were children and even speaking to them… yep. That’s me. Talking to bugs and trying to do what I thought was the “right thing to do.”

But was I just prolonging their suffering?

Was it mean to the sea gulls to deprive them of this rare opportunity, this delicacy? Did some sea gull babies go hungry that day because I prolonged the life of already dying bugs?

I have no idea.

But these are the things that plague me.

Villainous and virtuous seem to be dependent on the side of the fence you are on to begin with. And this eats at me. So much so, this is what my current novel is about.

Which is super important in fiction writing. Most people do not think they are a “bad guy.”

I’m not really giving advice, because writing advice from anyone besides people like Stephen King, Jack Vance, Raymond E Fiest, Robert McCammon, or any other truly great writer, is bullshit. But I am more just having a public conversation with myself that may help other writers think about what they are writing.




the. project. Part 1.

Holy flaming fuck balls this is actually happening. (Is “fuck balls” a hyphenate?)

Okay… So… I have decided to go easy on myself for part one. I think in the wake of “the non-denominational, gift holiday, fancy pine tree, (& in Australia, xmas beetle) season” I must treat myself kindly and pick an easy topic and an easy time frame.

The challenge will be “bugs.”

I know, I know… it is not as exciting as I wanted either but I picked a shitty time to start trying to get my life back on track… or as I told my psychologist “I don’t think I have ever had a track… I may need to build one of those first…”

So… (I start a lot of sentences with “so”) I will probs be painting and writing but you can do you. If you wanna join in the fun of a community art project, you can sketch, sculpt, knit, poet, sing, film, photo, crochet using cat fur, garden in your underwear, spread butter on concrete with your privates… I don’t give a rat arse. All I do care about is that something is made that didn’t exist yesterday.

On the (I’ll give peps a day to recoup) 2nd of Jan 2018 I will be posting my own submission and I will be accepting subs from you. (Yes… you, mother fucker!) You can sub with links in comments below or in the post with my sub. Or on social media. Hopefully, by then, I will have my shit together enough to manage a Twitter account. #brokenbeatenandscarred #metallicareference but we will see. People still use Twitter, right?

I have these big plans of becoming a community and meeting a bunch of you cool,weird, arty folks… I also have dreams of (mayhaps) publishing a book of all our arting together… but I think I need to put the breaks on.

Amberley needs to calm the farm and take a step back…

I am rambling now anyway, so if you want to join in, please do so. If you want to have a peak at my day to day arting and cat problems feel free to check out my instagram… yep… I got instagram. Holy fuck, aye! Otherwise, I’ll see you sometime… 🖤

Love yall


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the. project.

The beginning is always the scariest part.

That blank page, that dry canvas, that lump of un-moulded clay, they just sit there and stare up at you as if to say, “well … What you gonna do?”

That is this blog, right now.

So, this is the project. A blog to help heal. A blog to help me find myself. A blog to bare my soul. And why a blog? Because, dear reader, hopefully you (or at least some of you) will decided to join me on this quest. Not for you to find me … But for you to find you…

The plan is a loose one.

*Baby steps, Amberley, baby steps*

I will post what project I will be doing the next week/month/day/decade/whatever and then post it on (or round-about) the day it is due. If you would like to follow along, please either post them on your chosen social media/website/blog and then comment with the link or tag me.

I will be wrangling Twitter, Instagram and (maybe) Facebook accounts in the coming weeks and hopefully this blog will be in full swing soon. Yep. That is how fresh from the womb of life I am, still bloody and screaming and I haven’t even Tweeted yet. Fuck, aye…

So, if you would like to join me on this journey or maybe you are sick and just love to watch people scrambling to get their lives back on track … (I dunno, I don’t judge.) … but please feel free to subscribe or follow or whatever it is you do to blogs. Gosh, I feel like a fucking alien… How to internet? Show how plez …


Amberley Griffin