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consistency vs content

I have noticed something about myself this week... or two... I don't know. My timeline is all messed up. Sometime in the recent past I said I was going to get my shit together and post a variety of things and have more routine and blah blah blah... And what did you do, Amberley? What… Continue reading consistency vs content

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blank space nothings

I cannot see where it is you hide But I feel that you may be close The space between us now is greater than it ever has been Like the home stretch marathon Distance and time and space are only relevant to what isn't really there Sometimes it is the spaces between music notes that… Continue reading blank space nothings

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damage and flourishing

Letting go of past sins Sins that were not my own Flowering branches that once stretched high Axe-hacked Burned at the stake Witch hunts were your favourite pastime Shovel digging to find my roots Too twisted Knotted Strong For you to get to Rejecting the damage And flourishing with new growth Bright green shoots grow… Continue reading damage and flourishing

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I woke up with a song in my head

Do you ever do that? Just wake up singing? Maybe it means something... Normally, it just means you like that song... "In The Arms Of Sleep" Sleep will not come to this tired body now Peace will not come to this lonely heart There are some things I'll live without But I want you to… Continue reading I woke up with a song in my head

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Time passes us by. It doesn't stop. Even as you read these words, the sand from your body's hour glass continues to fall. And we only have so many grains. We spend our lives going places. Going to work. Going home. Going crazy. But how much time do we spend doing? Doing something fun. Doing… Continue reading YOLO

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Would you…

If you loved me, what would you say? Would you tell me I am your sun Shining warmth glowing thriving Your moon Glimmer shimmering darkness devine Your star-lit sky Blanketing guiding glitter of the gods If you loved me, what would you write? Poetry of rhymes rhythm riddling Songs and music Powerful moving Move me… Continue reading Would you…