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3 days 3 quotes – day 2

My thanks to A guy called bloke for tagging me in on 3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag 3 and awarding me the occasion to display my quotes of motivation and inspiration. The rules are simple: Thank you note to the person who nominates you Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days Nominate three… Continue reading 3 days 3 quotes – day 2

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HAHA I forgot to add a title… here’s one…

Sometimes I worry about this chosen career path I am walking. I worry because there are so many of us. So many aspiring to reach the same goal. Can we all possibly get there? Are there enough seats for all of us at this table? I guess it is more like a party than just… Continue reading HAHA I forgot to add a title… here’s one…

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Into The Raw

Hello! This is another challenge set forth by the great Chuck Wendig. Once again, my gorgeous Melon goddess tore apart herself with me... the idea behind this prompt was so simple... but goodness me it was difficult. Also once again... I have no idea what this is 🤣🤣🤣 it is obviously fictional and ... fantasy...… Continue reading Into The Raw

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When I am Empress – judging parents

You know what I fucking hate? Judging. Judgey McJudges that think they know better. They all seem to speak in that condescending tone... you know the ones... and if you don't, then you may be one. Now, common sense dictates that I do not mean when we judge someone for doing something genuinely shitty. See… Continue reading When I am Empress – judging parents

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Slow Motion Blissful

You came to me last night My lover In a dream I dreamt I felt Your warmth next to me We sat close but not touching Together but not speaking I look up at you and you cup my face in your palm I lean into your gentle hand You stare at me and I… Continue reading Slow Motion Blissful

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Time passes us by. It doesn't stop. Even as you read these words, the sand from your body's hour glass continues to fall. And we only have so many grains. We spend our lives going places. Going to work. Going home. Going crazy. But how much time do we spend doing? Doing something fun. Doing… Continue reading YOLO

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Red wine knights and bread crumbs sprinkled

Today I went on a tour of Tamburlaine wines in the Hunter Valley. I have ended up here by complete chance. The trip was won by someone who then could not go so they graciously gave the holiday to myself. The tour was part of the deal and we were meant to go yesterday but,… Continue reading Red wine knights and bread crumbs sprinkled

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Would you…

If you loved me, what would you say? Would you tell me I am your sun Shining warmth glowing thriving Your moon Glimmer shimmering darkness devine Your star-lit sky Blanketing guiding glitter of the gods If you loved me, what would you write? Poetry of rhymes rhythm riddling Songs and music Powerful moving Move me… Continue reading Would you…